About AM


My name is Angela Mogridge, director of Ruby6, a marketing agency offering niche branding, graphic design and digitial services.

I grew up on Brisbane’s north side with three other siblings (and a case of middle child syndrome!). Thanks to my Mum, I was enrolled in many extracurricular activities including ballet, tennis, private cello lessons, jazz, netball, athletics and piano. Needless to say, I had a very active childhood.

It wasn’t until my university days when I discovered my passion for web design. I was inspired by an education and technology subject which focused on how to build a website for teaching purposes. Determination kicked in and I found myself spending hours on coding and creating websites for family, friends and contacts.

After graduating university with a Bachelor of Arts and Secondary Education, I took on a contract job teaching Maths at Nudgee Boys College. Although I loved the students and teachers, I soon left to pursue other business ventures.

Over the years I’ve been involved in many exciting business ventures, which saw me living and working over in LA, Vegas and the UK.

In 2010 I started up a daily deals company called Go Wild Deals which won  ‘Best Shopping Website of the year’ in 2012.

Despite having multiple business ventures on the go, my free time was mainly dedicated to the digital world. By the time I started Ruby6 in 2007, I had been a freelance web designer for six years. The ever-changing nature of the design and the digital space keeps me on my toes, and Ruby6 brings something new and exciting to the table everyday which satisfies my eagerness to learn.

In between numerous amounts of coffee, late nights and deadlines I enjoy travel adventures,  dance, trying new experiences, eating different food and wines and meeting fresh faces.

That’s me in a nutshell!

Angela Mogridge